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KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

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This is the Web Site KISS Methods Page

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) is my number one guiding principle.

Using the most appropriate tools to get the best return for the least effort.

Which Tools To Use?

We DIYers have a wonderful selection of tools and methods available to us.

Unfortunately, we now often think we need a complex tool to do a simple job.
A CNC machine or 3D printer may not be best when a drill, a saw or a file will suffice.

The Foundation: Hand Tools


Manually Operated Bench and Floor Tools

KISS_Methods/Vice.jpg KISS_Methods/Press.jpg KISS_Methods/ShearBrake.jpg

Hand Electric Power Tools

KISS_Methods/HitachiCordless.jpg KISS_Methods/Bosch.jpg

Floor Electric Power Tools

KISS_Methods/CraftsmanDrillPress.jpg KISS_Methods/6x48BeltSander.jpg KISS_Methods/HorVertBandSaw.jpg
KISS_Methods/6x80EdgeSander.jpg KISS_Methods/MK212TileSaw.jpg

Bench Electric Power Tools:

KISS_Methods/BenchGrinder.jpg KISS_Methods/ChopSaw.jpg KISS_Methods/MiterSaw.jpg
KISS_Methods/ShopVacuum.jpg KISS_Methods/AirCompressor.jpg KISS_Methods/MillerWelder.jpg

Manually Operated Machine Tools:

KISS_Methods/BenchMill.jpg KISS_Methods/VerticalMill.jpg KISS_Methods/Lathe.jpg

Automated Machine Tools:


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